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We are actively recruiting Mature people with a Family mentality. As most classes can preform multiple roles we ask that you have the ability and knowledge to perform the roles your classes are capable of. We will most likely frown upon any class that says they are "dps" only.
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Welcome to BlackLotus guild! We hope to strive to greatness by knowledge, wisdom, and maturity. We will become a strong guild with great members that are wanting to make a great home in game. We will do this by allowing only members with maturity and willingness to learn thier classes and roles. Though we make no full demands of any member we do ask that all members know thier toons and have the ability to take many roles. This is easy to accomplish as you have 4 trees to switch in and out of. We ask that you show a willingness to work with the guild and other members in guild. We wont allow in guild fighting though we understand some days ppl have bad moods. We are knowledgeable in the game and classes so we ask that if you are haveing trouble with your toon or not getting the results you want to simply ask or check the website as we will post helpfull tips in the forums. We can also tell you where to look for answers we may not have at that time.
This is a starter post and not necisarilly everything we will expect of our members.
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Hers is a site to help with many questions:
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terrysbarker, Feb 23, 11 11:56 AM.
We will be rolling as Defiants on Greybriar server.

Launch Dates

terrysbarker, Feb 8, 11 2:01 PM.
Preorder Launch is Feb. 24
Official Launch is March 1

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

terrysbarker, Feb 8, 11 8:23 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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